Exploring the intersection of public space and homelessness


Episode 28: Jonathan Martin and Scott Greenstone of Project Homeless



On this episode of the HomeLandLab podcast, I’m very pleased to have Jonathan Martin, Editor of Project Homeless for The Seattle Times and Scott Greenstone, reporter, producer and engagement editor for Project Homeless

With me to discuss the nexus between journalism and homelessness and how one influences the other and vice versa. Though I had been following the work of Project Homeless, I got to meet Jonathan and Scott, and, importantly, see the passion and thoughtfulness with which they worked when I was invited to give an Ignite talk for them. Coming at the issue of homelessness as journalists has afforded them the opportunity to dive deeply into the data from a “outside-in” perspective, that has helped the general public understand the complexities of the issue, and perhaps break down some of the myths in our public discourse. We started our conversation by talking a little bit about what The Seattle Times is for the City of Seattle.