Exploring the intersection of public space and homelessness


Episode 2: Anitra Freeman

A few Saturday’s ago, I was able to participate in a student-led panel discussion on homelessness at the University of Washington. The format of the day was that each panelist was to give a brief overview of our own perspectives on homelessness. The first person to speak was the subject of this podcast: Anitra Freeman. What was amazing to watch was how, in her 10 minute discussion, Anitra shared her story and then broadened it to encompass discussions about the importance of community, the origins of dignity, and the hostility of the built environment to those experiencing homelessness.

In re-listening to our conversation, what stands out is just how broad Anitra’s perspectives and insights are. Re-listening also reminded me that so many of these themes deserve deeper reflection and consideration, which I hope to give them during some future episodes.

But for now, I hope you’ll accept the invitation to listen to and reflect on Anitra’s story.